Conforto Baths

Jacuzzi non-whirlpool baths are synonymous with comfort and cutting edge-design, designed to inspire and promote wellbeing in your home.

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Conforto Shower Screen

Conforto bath & shower screen combination can Guarantee leak free showering using the Jacuzzi® 3-step Sprayguard™ System – patent pending


  1. Unique angled moulding assures a water tight connection to the bath and wall post
  2. A double flipper seal located carefully over the bath rim to capture water and direct it back into the bath
  3. Finally, an angled bath rim guiding water effortlessly back into the bath
Conforto Shower Screen
  • 80 X 151 cm
  • Uses Jacuzzi® Sprayguard™ System for revolutionary leak free showering
  • Enhanced by double brush seal within the wall post
  • Jacuzzi® Clearglass™ Coated glass for ease of cleaning and brighter finish
  • Rising hinge allows the screen to be moved out of the way for easy cleaning

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