Jacuzzi Chemical iPhone App

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Jacuzzi Chemical iPhone App
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Enjoying a Jacuzzi hot tub massage every day is one of life's little pleasures.

If you own a hot tub, you'll find this new Jacuzzi hot tub chemical app for your iPhone very useful. It's important to keep hot tub water clean and safe for regular use. Whilst hot tub water is easy to manage, you might need a reminder every now and then about what's involved. Download our Jacuzzi chemical app to find out more about maintaining your hot tub easily and keeping your hot tub water safe and clean. You can also record your water test results and check if you need to adjust the balance every time. Having a record allows you to trend the behaviour of your water (and your hot tub lifestyle).  The app also includes reminders on how to set up your hot tub again after a refill, when you should replace filters and tips on a healthy cleaning cycle. You'll also find solutions for some of the more common water problems including what to do if you're having trouble with cloudy water or scale.

We're working on a version for Android now, so look out for the update soon.