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Jacuzzi® Bathrooms

We’ve been defining the way people relax for a lifetime and time spent in one of our bath tubs or showers is the culmination of a pioneering history, unrestrained design ambition and the desire to bring you an experience that you’ve never had before and will want to soak up day after day.

By incorporating our hydrotherapy technology into exquisitely designed whirlpool bath tubs and shower cabins, we are able to give you a massage experience in a setting that has true distinction. Combine all this with the perfect water temperature and our bath tubs and shower cabins deliver an optimum experience that makes you and your home, look and feel amazing.

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Common Bathroom Questions

What are the health benefits to hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy offers a wealth of physical health benefits to the body and our TargetPro™ jets have been developed to maximise the benefits by triggering a targeted massage to each body area thanks to a perfect mixture of air and water and the power and direction can be fully adjusted for an effective massage, no matter what your requirements may be.

The physical effects of hydrotherapy includes: pain relief, in particular migraine, muscular spasm and cramp. Improved joint mobility, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen to boost energy, skin purification amongst, strengthening the immune system, improve metabolism and aid post-trauma recovery after exercise.

What temperature should the water be for perfect hydrotherapy?

A hydromassage is truly perfect when it strikes the right balance between the temperature of the water and the duration of the bath. Heat is the ideal ally of psychological and physical relaxation but it can also cause excess stress.

  • 40°C – Very relaxing, induces drowsiness and sleep.
  • 34°C to 38°C - Reduces tension and encourages sleep.
  • 33°C – Helps eliminate water retention
  • 27°C – Alleviates fatigue
  • 18°C – Aids muscle recovery after physical exertion

For water between 38°C to 40°C the ideal duration is 10 minutes, between 36°C to 38°C this increases to 15 minutes and between 34°C and 36°C this increases to 20 minutes.

What preparations do I need to install a whirlpool bath?

Before you install a whirlpool or Swirlpool® bath you will need to ensure you have an electrical connection and that both the waste and water supply are in place prior to installation. Each model in our collection has individual requirements and these can be found in the relevant pre-installation guides available at, any electrician and plumber will be able to ensure relevant connections are in place prior to installation.