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Wellness takes shape with Jacuzzi®. When a range of products is inspired by the highest sense of wellness, a collection of real and unique experiences is born: very personal experiences that are felt on one’s skin, experiences in which one can immerse oneself to recover the pleasure of self care. For Jacuzzi®, this is the real...
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Steam Shower Cabins

Designed to stimulate both the physical and emotional senses, Jacuzzi steam showers and shower cabins are a complete wellness system. Providing the utmost emotional experience every Jacuzzi steam shower cabin has been studied in the most minute detail to offer pleasure, luxury and prestige.

The steam showers range has been engineered to promote luxury in design to help transform your bathroom and provide the traditional Jacuzzi hydromassage in your home. Innovation is at the forefront of the Jacuzzi world® and the steam shower cabin range features cutting edge technology from innovative controls and lighting, through to advanced features including aromatherapy and programmed water sequences to help wake you in the morning or relax you ready for a great night’s sleep.