2 person freestanding soaking bath | Jacuzzi® Aquasoul Extra
Aquasoul Extra 2 person soaking whirlpool bath
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Aquasoul Extra

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

The Aquasoul Extra whirpool bathtub is perfect for 2 or 3 people who want to relax by soaking in a very comfortable and ergonomic space. The Aquasoul Extra is the star of the Jacuzzi® Aquasoul collection: it is the only model in the collection that is available as a freestanding bathtub.Clean-cut yet soft lines, this whirlpool bath is the perfect accessory to any bathroom, the greater depth and the possibility of accommodating two or three people with a range of jets for everyone provides a unique experience.

The innovative comfort of the gel headrests, the handy remote control, the built-in santitising system, the enchantment of both the led spotlight and the perimeter lighting kit are all part of the luxurious experience delivered by the Aquasoul Extra bathtub. This freestanding bathtub will be the focal point of any bathroom, both for its unique design and for its hydrotherapy benefits with a range of Classic Jacuzzi® hydromassage jets, fixed microjets and a back massage with rotating microjets ensures this whirlpool bathtub delivers the perfect hydromassage.

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Dimensions (cm)
190 x 150 x 60
Built in lighting
aquasoul extra overhead

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