Aquasoul Lounge | Soaking whirlpool bath | Jacuzzi® hydromassage
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Aquasoul Lounge

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

The Aquasoul Lounge whirlpool bathtub adds slightly more space than the Aqualsoul Single for extra comfort to aid your relaxation time whilst soaking in the warm water. Aquasoul Lounge allows you to immerse yourself in water up to your shoulders, optimising the effect of the Jacuzzi® hydromassage. This whirlpool bath has the finest of details to create the luxury every Jacuzzi® experience requires, such as the gel headrest for maximum comfort and detailed positioning of the jets in the bathtub.

The Aquasoul can also be sunk into the flooring for the ultimate in modern design helping to give any bathroom a more spacious feel to it. The LED lighting also helps to create a luxurious feel and enhanced experience.

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Dimensions (cm)
180 x 80 x 57
Built in lighting
aquasoul lounge overhead

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