Corner Whirlpool Bath | Aquasoul Offset by Jacuzzi®
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Aquasoul Offset

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

Aquasoul offset is the Jacuzzi® whirlpool corner tub that changes your way of bathing. The minimalist, refined design helps to create a luxurious feel for any bathroom transforming it to the favourite room in any home.
The classic Jacuzzi
® hydromassage, along with the back massage with rotating microjets make this corner whirlpool bath the ideal way to take time out from everyday life, relax and have quality time to yourself.
The premium features of the Aquasoul Offset ensure that your relaxation time is just that: relaxing. The remote control allows you to control the jets intensity at the push of a button and the gel
headrest provides the best in comfort.
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Dimensions (cm)
150 x 100 x 57
Built in lighting

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