Aura Corner 160 Corian®: A 1600mm sunken/drop-in bath
aura corian corner 1600 drop in sunken whirlpool bathtub header
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Aura Corner 160 Corian®

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

Aura Corner 160 Corian® is a corner bathtub that celebrates the combination of relaxation with design. Simplicity, clean lines and elegance encased with Corian® was the heart of the design process whilst ensuring an experience that delivers the utmost in relaxation.

A splendid 1600 mm drop-in bath that will turn your bathroom into sanctuary dedicated to your relaxation and wellbeing. To appreciate this sunken whirlpool bath experience the integrated heater ensures the water temperature remains perfect to your preference, whilst TargetPro™ and Twirl jets deliver a relaxing and rejuvenating hydromassage all around your body.

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Dimensions (cm)
164 x 164 x 60
Built in lighting
aura corner 160 corian overhead

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