J-Sha Mi Bath: Large, shiatsu massage, perfect for soaking
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J-Sha Mi

Designer: Carlo Urbinati

The research and innovation of Jacuzzi® blends with the age-old eastern wellness experience and legendary wisdom to create the J-Sha Mi: the only whirlpool bath with a real Shiatsu massage function.

The J-Sha mi is a rectangular large-sized bath offering the experience of personalised Shiatsu massage. The IdroShatsu function, in either the Tonic or Relax cycles, delivers a standard or personalised treatment in terms of duration, speed and power. In addition to the Shiatsu massage, the J-Sha Mi delivers a classic hydromassage through the TargetPro™ jets.

The position of the overflow at the top of the bathtub ensures total immersion of the body, optimising the benefits of each treatment and making soaking into water a very relaxing ritual.

The Cromodream® underwater spotlight is noteworthy too: a kaleidescope of colours and wellbeing, and a practical remote control for easy programming of the Shiatsu functions. The refined chrome tapware superbly completes the fittings of the J-Sha Mi.

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Dimensions (cm)
180 x 90 x 60
Built in lighting

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