The Skyline 4 Person Whirlpool Bath From Jacuzzi®
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Skyline Whirlpool Bath

Designer: Kaluderovic & Condini

A whirlpool bath for sharing a moment of true wellness.

Dual internal depths allow up to 4 people to sit down or two people to laydown comfortably whilst the brand new TargetPro™ Illumatherapy™ jets deliver a luxurious hydromassage with the perfect balance of water and air whilst integrated LED lighting delivers chromotherapy to enhance the experience and deliver the benefits of colour to your wellness experience.

The special raised edge offers comfortable support for the head and back, and also serves as a practical support surface along the perimeter of the bath. The J-touch illuminated controls activates the hydromassage underwater lighting, heat, and the Clean System™ disinfection with a simple touch.

Skyline is available for built-in, semi-recessed or freestanding installation with panels of different finishes.

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Dimensions (cm)
190 x 190 x 78
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