Holiday parks: increase revenue & occupancy with Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs
Contactless delivery and installation services continue to operate however Jacuzzi® retail showrooms are now closed. Please speak to your local retailer for their online options.
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The benefits of Jacuzzi to your holiday park

How does partnering with Jacuzzi help your business and why should you choose to partner with Jacuzzi?

Listen to one of our customers explain why they chose Jacuzzi as their wellness partner

Key fact...

14,000+ searches per month

In the UK which include the word Jacuzzi followed by either lodge, log cabin, hotel, location

38% of all jacuzzi searches

In the UK every month include some form of hospitality context

The Jacuzzi Brand

With almost 60 years of heritage, investing in Jacuzzi guarantees advice that only comes from decades of experience. We can work with you to tailor the right solution for your holiday park as demands differ completely from one park to another, plus projects can range from individual freestanding hot tubs through to making a special feature area in shared surroundings.

The Jacuzzi brand is renowned for providing performance that is second to none, and our professional range of hot tubs provide features designed to ensure cleaning procedures and maintenance require as little time as possible. Resulting in guest changeovers being completed at speed without jeopardising the lifespan of your investment.

Furthermore, Jacuzzi is one of the most recognised generic and powerful trademarks with a search presence of over 14,000 searches per month in the UK alone with the word Jacuzzi followed by either


Key fact...

50 Years’ Experience

Patented ideas and technologies provides a truly unique experience

Innovative Features

QuickDrain enables quick and easy draining for a complete cleaning cycle under 6 hours

The Customer Experience

Inspired by the highest sense of wellness, each Jacuzzi product provides a place for complete rejuvenation and restoration.

You can attract new types of clients: in particular, those seeking wellness and relaxation in addition to simple hospitality, plus those who wish to add a bit of luxury to their stay.

With over 100 patented ideas your guests are assured of a unique experience every time they step into a Jacuzzi product, resulting in a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Key fact...

£45k profit contribution

Over a 10 year Jacuzzi lifecycle per hot tub

80% average occupancy rate

Adding a hot tub increases average occupancy by an average of 20%

Return on Investment

By working with a number of holiday parks in the UK we understand that adding a hot tub demonstrates a credible return on investment. According to research, hot tubs is the number one added criteria at 57% to all researched and booked holidays, the next is swimming pools at just 12%.

It has been found that a hot tub will increase the occupancy rate from an average of 60% per annum to 80% per annum and also increases the average weekly rental cost of accommodation with a hot tub by a minimum of £70 per week.

Taking into account yearly consumables, utility and labour costs, and the cost of the product, the addition of a hot tub will demonstrate a breakeven result within the 1st year and 100% growth in the 2nd year. In addition the contribution to profit by a single hot tub over a 10 year Jacuzzi lifecycle is £45k.

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