Become A Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel
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Become A Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel

Where does Wellness factor in your hotel revenue plans? Have you considered that even the smallest aspects of Wellness in your hotel could maximise occupancy and increase guest satisfaction?

The Jacuzzi® Original Wellness Hotel concept offers a strong and persuasive alternative to the big spa hotels. We create Wellness destinations, with credibility and strength, which deliver a unique and memorable guest experience.

Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel

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You could join a network of validated and supported hotels that now officially carry the Jacuzzi brand and also leverage online presence. A hotel that features our product and references our brand can rise through the rankings online and achieve more direct bookings through their own websites.

Also, where better for our clients to experience the product before they buy. We will actively promote hotels with genuine Jacuzzi® products and offer a branded Wellness package that no other brand can own in the way that we do. 

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Become An Original Wellness Hotel

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Become A Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel
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