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Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Designed to improve your lifestyle and offer a better way of taking care of yourself, Jacuzzi® outdoor hot tubs or Jacuzzi® indoor hot tubs are the most complete and versatile synthesis of shared well-being. Every Jacuzzi® hot tub has been researched and engineered to deliver advanced hydrotherapy and with patented jet technology for a truly unique hot tub experience.

Away from hydrotherapy, the vast range of Jacuzzi® hot tubs ensures cutting edge technology from advanced filtration to water purification and much more all encased in aesthetically pleasing designs which provide a fantastic look in both indoor and outdoor environments including the garden or terrace.

Stepping into your Jacuzzi® hot tub in your garden allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the view whilst enjoying a warm and relaxing spa experience at home.

Common Hot Tub Questions

What Are The Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs?

All Jacuzzi hot tubs have been designed to deliver hydrotherapy and massage, the physical effects of hydrotherapy includes: pain relief, in particular migraine, muscular spasm and cramp. Improved joint mobility, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen to boost energy, skin purification amongst, strengthening the immune system, improve metabolism and aid post-trauma recovery after exercise.

How Much Do Hot Tubs Cost To Run?

There are a number of varying factors which affect the running costs of a hot tub making it impossible to give an accurate figure. From the amount of use, desired water temperature, water volume, ambient temperature, whether the hot tub is inside or outside and filtration settings are all factors in how much electricity a hot tub uses. Furthermore the cost of electricity can vary from supplier and tariff which also adds other considerations.

Are Hot Tubs Easy to Maintain?

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs have been designed to ensure they are easy to maintain as possible. Daily procedures taking around 2-3 minutes ensure your water is chemically balanced and safe to use, whilst further chemical treatments are performed weekly and cleaning at monthly intervals ensure your hot tub is always ready to use with the minimal of maintenance.

What Is Needed to Install a Hot Tub?

A solid level surface is required capable of supporting the weight of the hot tub, water and people in it. A hot tub is normally placed outdoors on a concrete pad, paving stones, a high density plastic hot tub pad or decking, we don’t recommend placing on grass. You can also install a hot tub indoors too providing the floor is level, can support the weight and adequate ventilation is available. An electrical supply to the spa is also required and as the requirements vary by model these can be found in the pre-installation guide available to download at

Your local Jacuzzi® showroom will provide you with a detailed site evaluation to ensure you are fully aware of how your installation will be completed.

Do You Offer Finance Options?

Owning a genuine Jacuzzi hot tub is now more than ever a reality with our flexible hot tubs finance options, we offer a range of finance options ensuring the right method of finance is available.