Hot Tubs

Every Jacuzzi hot tub is researched and engineered to deliver advanced hydrotherapy and with patented jet technology a truly unique experience.

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6-9 Person Hot Tubs

Our 6 to 9 person hot tubs have a larger footprint and provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy a hydromassage in the company of both friends and family as these larger capacity hot tubs feature seating for 6 and 7 people, with some models ranging up to 8 and even 9 people. Despite the larger size these hot tubs deliver a quality Jacuzzi® hydromassage and hot tub experience to every user and with plenty of room users don’t feel cramped.

With models ranging from our entry J-200™ collection through to our most advanced J-500™ collection and stylish Italian Design collection you can be assured to find the perfect 6 to 9 person hot tub to fully meet your needs.