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Sport & Fitness

Whether it’s a new exercise routine or an unusually active day on your feet, most of us know the feeling of sore, overworked muscles the day after heavy exercise or playing sport.

The water pressure from hot tub jets relieves muscle tightness and soreness by removing lactic acid from the muscles, opening up the blood vessels and promoting the flow of endorphins and oxygen.

Hydrotherapeutic Activity: Recommended For Athletes At Every Level

LPGA Sports Medicine Director Caroline Nichols and former President of the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine Dr. James Andrews recommend hydrotherapeutic activity for athletes at every level.

Nichols says that hot tubs especially help with recovery since jets focus on overused muscle and joint regions, while Andrews supports hydrotherapy as a good tool for improved circulation, sensory impulses and stiff joints.

At The End Of A Busy Day

Immersion into hot water for a few minutes, gives a great mental-physical benefit to everyone, independently from practising sport or training, owing to the well-known and particular relaxing effects of hot water (around 34-37°C) a hot tub can become the ideal space to carry out a few simple exercises, representing a beneficial experience after physical activity.