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Filtration and Purification

Water maintenance is imperative for your health when using your hot tub and thanks to modern filtration systems keeping your water clean is simpler than ever by combining filtration with water purification and around 10 minutes of upkeep per week.

So what do you need to look for to keep you water clean and safe in your hot tub?

Filtration System

Designed to capture the majority of floating debris in your water filtration systems combine a number of elements and not all systems provide the same level of quality.

The most important thing to consider is the filtration cycle, this considers how often all of the water in the hot tub is filtered. Does the hot tub have a dedicated circulation pump? A circulation pump keeps a small amount of water moving through the hot tub filter all the time and when combined with a powerful filtration cycle ensures water is sufficiently filtered all day long.

The filter itself is something that needs to be considered, the larger the surface area of the filter the more debris will be collected. Two stage filters provide the best filtration as the first stage of the filter collects the larger debris and the second stage removes smaller particles. Filters do need to be cleaned regularly so consider how easy to access and clean when making your choice.

A skimmer removes debris from the surface of the water such as leaves, and floating designs removes the debris faster helping to prevent scum build up around the waterline. Top of the range skimmers offer larger skimming areas and are connected to the circulation pump for continual skimming around the clock.

Water Purification System

Filtration systems capture the majority of debris you can physically see in the water, however a water purification system deals with the smaller particles too small to see with the naked eye.

The most common water purification systems are UV, ozone or saltwater, each work to disinfect the water and remove bacteria build up, however a water purification system should leave no residual disinfectant in the water. We highly recommend choosing a UV water purification system over ozone or salt water as UV water purification systems use natural ultraviolet light to instantly disinfect the water as it passes through a light chamber. This type of purification is so effective that is also uses in the bottling and beverage industry, as well as hospitals and other healthcare environments. UV water purification also reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals you need to add, helping to prevent that chemical smell, as well as eye and skin irritation.