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The J-315 is a 3 person hot tub that delivers all the benefits of a large hot tub, concentrated into a small space. The concentrated size makes the J-315 an ideal hot tub at homes where space is limited and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Combining 2 seats and a lounge, the J-315 delivers a concentrated hydromassage by combining 21 PowerPro® jets each of which target a number of areas around the body for a relaxing and revitalising home spa experience.

The compact size and SmartSeal™ insulation ensures water is heated quickly and is energy efficient, making the J-315 3 person hot tub an ideal place to sink into when you get home from a long day at work or an intensive training session to relax and drift away.
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Dimensions (cm)
193 x 168 x 81
Seating Capacity
3 People
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