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j 335 hot tub header 2018


The J-335 is one of the best places to experience the benefits of hydromassage.

This 4-5 person hot tub allows you to lay back and relax in the FX10 Therapy seat which has been designed to fit every contour of the body whilst the adjustable-stream FX Jets direct water with precision and strength, the warm water in motion stimulates endorphins which in turn naturally relieves pain and soothes any aches your body may be experiencing.

The J-335 hot tub features 40 PowerPro® jets which deliver an effective hydromassage across the entire body with jets to target shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, hands, wrists, legs and feet, whilst further features include 4 illuminated headrests, the Prolites LED lighting system, the LED control panel offer further comforts and heighten your hot tub experience.


213 X 213 X 91 cm



Body Zoning




Seating Capacity

4-5 People

Product Features

  • - Indoor
  • - Outdoor
  • - 4-5 seats (1 lounge)
  • - 4 Illuminated Headrests
  • - 40 jets
  • - Waterfall
  • - LED control panel
  • - LED prolites system
  • - Bluewave Spa Stereo System (optional)
  • - Remote Control (stereo version)
  • - ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • - 1 speed pump (1)
  • - 2 speed pump
  • - Circulation pump
  • - Smart Seal

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