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With J-LXL®, thanks to 36 adjustable Power Pro® jets, it’s possible to enjoy the wellness of a complete Jacuzzi® hydromassage with six seats. It boasts a filtering system with Pro Clear technology and, just like all the other Jacuzzi® spas, it’s also provided with the Clear Ray® device for perpetually clean and sanitized water. Thanks to a protective coating that is about 4cm thick and to its Trifusion™ structure, its heat insulation is the most efficient of the category. A flat deck top without visible acrylic parts and the steel details in the outer corners give it a more contemporary appeal. From its design to its features, everything about this Spa is consistent with its highest energy efficiency rating.


214 X 214 X 92 cm



Body Zoning


Seating Capacity

5-6 People

Product Features

  • - 5 seats (1 lounge)
  • - 3 Headrests
  • - 38 jets
  • - Waterfall
  • - LED control panel
  • - Multi-colour light system (1)
  • - White underwater light
  • - Bluewave Spa Stereo System (optional)
  • - Remote Control (stereo version)
  • - ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • - Pro clear
  • - 1 speed pump (1)
  • - 2 speed pump
  • - Circulation pump
  • - Smart Seal

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