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Tim Jitloff

Jacuzzi and Skiing...

Tim Jitloff

Representing USA in five World Championships and twice in the Winter Olympics, Tim Jitloff has had a distinguished career spanning a decade on the slopes. A fan favourite and member of the US Ski Team, Tim has competed in the Giant Slalom in the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships since 2007.


Tim's Hot Tub of Choice...


With space for 6 people the J-355TM is great for having fun, but it's also great for when I need some downtime after training or competitions. It's great just sitting in the hot water helps you relax, then switching on the jets helps to alleviate msucle aches.

The Jacuzzi® Hot Tub I Have At Home I Specifically Picked Out Because It Has A Lounge In It... I Like To Be Able To Recline

Birth Date


Place of Birth

San Jose, California, United States


7 x US National Champion
31 F.I.S. Victories
4 x Europa Cup Winner
5 x Nor-Am Cup Winner

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