Whirlpool Bath with Neck, Shoulder and Lumbar support

The World’s Most Comfortable Whirlpool Bath from Jacuzzi®

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Worlds Most Comfortable Whirlpool Bath
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The Jacuzzi Designer Conforto Whirlpool baths have been designed with comfort in mind. Each jet has been positioned to achieve the ultimate in hydromassage, promoting rejuvenation of your body and restoring balance, helping you get on with whatever is coming next in your life.

The Jacuzzi® Conforto whirlpool bath shape has been designed specifically to offer the most comfortable bathing position for any size and shape of body. We have then incorporated this design across a multitude of bath shapes and sizes. The angle of the back rest and it shaping are the foundation of the ultimate in bathing comfort, offering support for the neck, shoulder and lumbar support.

Some models even feature armrests which are moulded into the bath to give extra support.

To enhance the experience further the Jacuzzi Conforto Whirlpool bath family all come with chromatherpay, which wraps you in soft hues that glow within the baths canopy and beneath the water in a choice of 5 different colours to suit your mood.