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J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa

Perfect for fitness, fun and family time, the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa will help you and your family get active and stay active.

As the smallest addition to the Jacuzzi® Swim Spa collection, the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa delivers all the benefits of a larger swim spa at an affordable price. With its compact size, the value-packed 12ft model combines five dedicated hydrotherapy seats, bench seating for four and a maximised swimming area featuring two PowerPlay™ CX swim jets that complement the natural resistance of water, so you never have to turn, touch the walls or push yourself forwards again.

With a large inside surface and non-slip base, the J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa provides an ideal, safe environment for water-based workouts and to teach your children to swim, all from the comfort of your own home.

The J-13™ PowerPlay™ Swim Spa offers a range of install options, minimal maintenance,can be used all year long meaning looking after your health and wellbeing has never been so easy or so much fun!

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Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
381 x 236 x 135
Jet Technology
PowerPlay™ CX
Seating Capacity
8 People

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