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Swimlife™ SwimFit Swim Spas

The ideal universal aquatic gym - featuring a generous streamlined swim tank area and a flat ergonomically designed anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. Creating the ideal training environment with a fully adjustable current, you can control your workout intensity. Additionally, the Swimspa is a safe and easy environment in which to teach your kids to swim.

Why choose the SwimFit™ Collection?

The SwimFit™ Collection is the ideal aquatic gym thanks to a flat, ergonimically designed non-slip floor and adjustable current.

A Smoother Swim

Two carefully designed oval AquaFlex swim jets flatten the water.

Work At Your Level

Vary the flow of water up to 3.5mph allows you to swim or train at the perfect intensity.

Unobstructive Swim Area

The design helps remove the reflective wave and keeps you in the swim lane.


The only swim watch made specifically for swim spas.

  • Wear your coach on your wrist
  • Analyze your results
  • Track your performance: caloric output, distance, time, laps, interval times and more
  • Compete against others worldwide
  • Heart rate tracking with vibration feedback

"Those natural endorphins after a swim get my heart rate up and I feel so much better. The swim spa and hot tub are very much part of my holistic approach to wellbeing. I often call it my ‘me’ time."

Sally Gunnell OBE DL - SwimExpert™ 17

Best Selling Swimspas

SwimFun 12

Dimensions (cm): 381 x 237 x 124
Seating Capacity: 8-9 People

SwimExpert™ 17

Dimensions (cm): 534 x 237 x 134
Seating Capacity: 2 People