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SwimFit 14 Swim Spa

An ideal swim spa for both you and your family, the swimming experience is delivered through a single 3 horsepower buoyance pump and a single 3 horsepower Swimboost pump that delivers 180 gallons of water per minute through each of the two AquaFlex swim jets, these utilise an oval design which flattens the water to provide a smoother swim and a wide swim lane. The jets can be adjusted for to deliver to your preferred speed and pressure to create the perfect swimming environment for you.

The SwimFit 14 swim spa can also be used as the perfect exercise pool and aquatic gym, the flat, ergonomically designed anti-slip floor allows you to perform a variety of fitness exercises in the water, whilst further accessories allow you to exercise through a variety of circuits for both aerobic and strength building exercises.

For those who want to use the SwimFit 14 to relax, two ergonomically designed hydrotherapy seats feature E-Class jets which deliver the perfect mixture of air and water to deliver a balance of deep and soft tissue massage across a number of different muscle groups.

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Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
442 x 237 x 134
Jet Technology
Seating Capacity
2 People


The only swim watch made specifically for swim spas.

  • Wear your coach on your wrist
  • Analyze your results
  • Track your performance: caloric output, distance, time, laps, interval times and more
  • Compete against others worldwide
  • Heart rate tracking with vibration feedback
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