Swimlife™ SwimFit 17 Swim Spa: For the ideal pool workout
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SwimFit 17 Swim Spa

Designed for all year round enjoyment thanks to the Thermalax™ Heat Management System the SwimFit 17 swim spa pool is ideal for those who love to have fun when the workout.

The standard equipment ensures an extremely versatile underwater gym and is also fantastic for aquatic circuit training with the ability to alternate between aerobic and resistance exercises. For those who like to swim the SwimFit 17 swim spa delivers the perfect swimming pool experience by combining Aquaflex Jet technology for a smooth swim with the AquaChannel shell design which eliminated reflective waves and hip jets for stabilisation.

The SwimFit 17 swim spa pool also features two ergonomic hydrotherapy seats which deliver an effective hydromassage combining the perfect mixture of water and air across a variety of muscle groups for the optimal balance between a deep and soft tissue massage.

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Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
534 x 237 x 134
Jet Technology
Seating Capacity
2 People
swimfit 17 overhead

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